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Northeast GA Water Treatment Systems

The decision to purchase a home water treatment system can be difficult one.  We have listed some of the most common water problems for our area below.  If any of these apply to your household or business, we would be happy to discuss options that are available for treating your water. 
  • Acidity (pH) - Acidity in water is measured as a pH value.  Low pH water can cause corrosion of metal pipes and other metal components in the pumping system.  If your water has a low pH you may notice blue/green or rusty stains. 
  • Hardness - Hard water can interfere with the cleaning action of soaps and detergents. You might notice a film on skin, clothing and fixtures. 
  • Total Dissolve Solids - Water is the universal solvent and dissolves a trace of everything it touches.  Low TDS is one of several factors that can contribute to corrosive water. 
  • Iron - Iron is a very common water problem.  Iron is one of the most common elements in nature.  When i is presented in levels of 0.3ppm or greater, it may cause yellow or rusty stains in sinks, toilet bowls, and on laundry. 
  • Bacterial iron is a group of bacteria which thrives in iron bearing water supplies utilizing iron as an energy source.  While not a health hazard, its presence may foul plumbing lines or stain. 
  • manganese - Manganese can cause bitter or metallic taste and dark brown or black stains in laundry or plumbing fixtures.  It is almost always found in conjunction with iron and can be treated by the same methods as iron.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide or "sulfur" is a naturally occurring contaminant which gives water a disagreeable "rotten egg" odor.  It frequently occurs in well water sources which also contain appreciable levels of iron/maganese or that have a low pH.  Hydrogen sulfide gas can originate from the well, the hot water heater or the cold water plumbing due to sulfur reducing bacteria.  The origination point of hydrogen sulfide gas must be determined to effectively treat the problem.  
Water treatment is recommended only if these symptoms are causing problems.  But if you have these problems, we have trained professionals and service what we sell. 

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